Explanation Cydia software on the iPhone and the iPad

If you just use an iPhone or iPad would have been familiar with his name Cydia? Is it Cydia? What are the Benefits Cydia? How to Install Cydia? and how to How to Install Applications in Cydia?

Cydia is simply almost the same (maybe even the same) with Apple's App Store on iPhone or iPad, the difference is only found Cydia for the iPhone that was on Jailbreak. With Cydia on your iPhone, you can download a variety of interesting applications (and even free) that does not exist in the App Store or App Store application that must be paid, in Cydia sometimes you can get for free alias free. Not only iPhone application in Cydia else we can get a variety of themes, ringtones to interesting games for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Cydia is usually installed when you do the Jailbreak, Jailbreak process while doing do not forget to tick the option cheklis Cydia, Cydia that will directly be installed automatically.

What are the benefits of Cydia? Cydia of course very useful especially if you want to get an application for free and powerful, which can make your iPhone more powerful and have more capabilities when compared to the iPhone "ordinary" is not installed and yet dijailbreak.

Then how to install Cydia in iPhone? To install the application on Cydia is easy enough:

  • Open Cydia Application
  • After that you'll see a tab "Home", "Sections", "Manage", "Changes" and "Search".
  • To start looking for an iPhone application that you want to go to the Sections menu or you can also access Search to search directly, if you already know the name of the application that you want.
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